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Happy 19th Bianky! (the selfie queen) Haha akala mo nakalimutan ko no? Of course not! Nandito lang ako para sayo pag may problem ka or kahit na wala , alam mo yan even though nage- exorcist ka minsan =)) say no to boys muna ha! Aral muna! hahaha i love you girl! and I miss you :-* See u soon okay? PS may gift ako sayo! Pag nagkita na lang us! I’m sure matutuwa ka! Mua!

Worth Reposting By @crzlmndz “God will not give you a burden you can’t handle 💪Wanting all the best for you and I hope things go your way. Always keep in mind that there is at least one person that will never get tired listening in your life concerns. I love you @margeoryyy xx 💕👭” via @PhotoRepost_app

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